Bob Sponge (Square Pants) Cake

Bob Sponge (Square Pants) Cake

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Available in 4 sizes:

- 6"SH - Ideal to feed 6-7 Guests on Dessert Slice or 10-12 on Coffee Slice

- 8"SH- Ideal to feed 15-17 Guests on Dessert Slice or 20-25 on Coffee Slice

- 10″SH– Ideal to feed 30-35 Guests on Dessert Slice or 50-55 on Coffee Slice

- 12”SH- Ideal to feed 40-45 Guests on Dessert Slices or 80-85 on Coffee Slices

Fondant Finish

Cake Size in Picture is 8”SH (Note: a different cake size will slightly change the final look from the picture)


The sizes in “inches” available for selection refers to the cake diameter. The height will depend on whether you select a Single Height (SH) or a Double Height (DH) cake.

SH - Stands for Single Height (1 tier cake, around 4" High)

DH - Stands for Double Height (2 tiers of the same size cake, around 7-8" High)