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Yes we also create Wedding Cakes!

Whether you're planning a grand wedding or an intimate gathering. Our expert bakers are here to transform your special occasion into a delicious memory.

Our skilled baker can craft smaller, intimate custom cakes for personal occasions or create grand, multi-tiered showstoppers that cater to any number of guests.

Over 500 custom cake designs at your fingertips

There’s something for everyone with over 500 custom cake designs to suit any occasion and guest count

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Custom Cake FAQs

How many days' notice do I need before placing my Custom Cake order? +
Now this is a tricky question. We always recommend people to book as early as possible. We often need to close off any further orders for a particular week as we are at capacity and fully booked out. Please note that even if one of our cake specialists has quoted you and the day is available at the time of quoting, until payment is made your spot is not secure or confirmed. This means if you take a few days to reply or make payment, it is possible that we fully book out during this time and would then not be able to make your cake. In saying this, most weeks we are able to take cake orders up to 3 days prior to the day you need it, of course depending on the complexity of the cake or if we become fully booked.
What Types Of Cakes Are Used For Your Custom Speciality Cakes? +
All the flavours available are Butter Cake, which let's say is something in-between a sponge cake and a mud cake. Definitely moist.
Do You Offer Cake Toppers? +
Yes. We have a wide range of cake toppers to suit any occasion. Such as ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations!’, and a range of numbers. Starting from $20 each, you can create your own cake topper when ordering your cake – 4 days notice is required for a custom cake topper.
Do You Offer Gluten-Free (GF) Products And Cakes? +
Yes! We have a variety of single serve GF products available daily in store. We also offer GF cakes and cupcakes, many of our cakes online will offer you a GF option if available.
Do You Offer Dairy-Free or Vegan Products? +
Currently we do not offer dairy-free or vegan products, however, we are looking into these products for the future.
Do You Offer Sugar-Free Products? +
No at this point, however, we are looking into how to make sugar free and yet indulgent products.
I like one of your designs but I want to make some changes, is that possible? +
YES it is! Most cakes offered online under speciality cakes will have the option to colour swap, this means you can request the same cake with minimal changes. Now, if you are looking to make more changes to one of our cakes, the best practice will be to save that image of the cake and complete the form on our custom cake page via our website, where you can upload the image and specify more of the changes required. One of our cake specialists will give you a new price depending on the changes requested.
What Are The Sizes Of Your Cakes? +
Our single height cakes are approximately 3.5-4 inches in height. If they are a DH (Double Height) then they will be around 7-8 inches in height. (Please note not all our cakes online are offered in the DH size, you can always ask for a custom cake to be made if the cake online is not offered in DH size - to do this complete the custom cake form via our website) We then give you the option of which diameter you would like which will help you with serving quantities. You can also check out the serving quantity guide in the next Question.
How Many Does Your Size Cake Feed? +
This is a guide. Coffee Slices is considered a small slice and Dessert Slices is considered larger slice.
Do You Offer Gluten-Free (GF) Products And Cakes? +
Have you searched the large selection via our website and nothing catches your eye? Or is there nothing we have made previously in the same theme you’re looking for? Do not worry, simply click here and fill the custom cake enquiry form then one of our cake specialists will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours. Please be aware this is an enquiry form not an order.
Do you Do Wedding Cakes? +
Absolutely! Wedding cakes are our specialty. Our talented team will work closely with you to design, prepare, and serve a beautiful wedding cake just for you. You can choose from our existing designs or present a custom design to suit the occasion. The only limit is your imagination! It is preferable to meet in person when it comes to ordering your wedding cake, so ideally email to organise a 1 to 1.5hr appointment with one of our cake specialists.
Can You Recreate Cake Designs From A Picture? +
Gotcha! Our amazing cake decorator can definitely recreate most cake designs you have seen online or in the past!
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