Can't Select The Date I Want, Why?

Please be aware some of our cakes requires time to be organise and made to perfection. However, If at some point you are having trouble ordering some of our slices or 7″ cakes, please try cleaning the cache of your inverter browser and try again.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Monday-Saturday 730am-5pm (Thursday nights till 8pm) 
Sunday 9am-4pm

Times For Cake Ordering/Enquiring In The Shop

1pm-4pm (7pm Thursday Nights)

Please Note: We are currently experiencing a huge amounts  of Custom Cakes enquiry which means we are not always able to help taking order or enquiries in person. However, we are always available to help you by filling up the form in our Custom Cakes Page. Thank you for your understanding 

or email ricky@polespatisserie.com.au to organise a time slot to come and talk to one of our cakes specialist. 

What Types Of Cakes Are Used For Your Custom Speciality Cakes? 

All the flavours available are ButterCakes, which is lets say something in between a sponge cake and a mud cake. Definitely moist ;) 

Do You Deliver?

Yes! We deliver to most of Sydney Suburbs.

Please Note:Delivery happens any time between 12pm-5pm

We can not guarantee a specific delivery time.

What Are The Size Of Your Cakes? 

All our cakes are single height and they are around 3.5-4" Height. If they are DH (Double Height) then they will be around 7-8" Height. (Please note not all our cakes are offered in the DH size, you can always asked for a custom cake made if one of them online is not offered in DH size)

Then we give you the option of which diameter would you like, which help you with serving quantities. Such as 6" or 8, etc. You can also check the feeding suggestions in the next Question. 

How Many Does Your Size Cake Feed?

Coffee Slices means a small slice and Dessert slices means a big slice. 

What’s The Best Way To Order A Custom Cake?

Click here and fill the form then one of our cakes specialist will get back to you with a quote. 

Do You Do Wedding Cakes?

Absolutely! Wedding cakes are our specialty.

Our talented pastry chefs will work closely with you to design, prepare, and serve a beautiful wedding cake just for you. You can choose from our existing designs, or present a custom design to suit the occasion. The only limit is your imagination!

Can You Recreate Others Designs From A Picture?

Gotcha! Our amazing cake decorator can definitely recreate any cake design you have seen online or in the past!

Do You Have Cake Toppers?

Yes. We have a wide range of cake toppers to suit any occasion. Such as ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations!’, and a range of numbers. Starting from $20 each, you can create your own cake topper – just give us 4 days’ notice.

What Type Of Birthday Cakes Do You Have Available?

Please refer to the Cakes section to discover our wide range of existing designs.

Do You Offer Gluten-Free (GF) Products And Cakes?

Yes, some of our slices and sweets are available in gluten-free varieties. These include the Chocolate Bomb and a Carrot Cake.

We also offer GF cakes and cupcakes!!

Do You Offer Dairy-Free Products?

No at this point, however, stay in touch for what is to come!

Do You Offer Sugar-Free Products?

No at this point, however, we are looking into how to make sugar free and yet indulgent products.

What Cake Flavours Do You Offer?

Sponge: Vanilla – Chocolate

Butter cakes: Vanilla – Chocolate – White Chocolate – Caramel – Strawberry – Mocha – Coffee – Choco Mint (You could also marble 2 of these Flavours)

Mudcake: Chocolate

Red Velvet (Special Mix)

Banana Cake (Special Mix)

Orange and Poppy Seed (Special Mix)

Why Are Some Cakes Only Available In Chocolate Mud?

Our chocolate mud cakes are more dense and are suitable for carving 2D and 3D cakes. They also bring stability to multi tiered cakes when used as the base cake.

What Does DH Stand For?

DH stands for Double Height (2 cakes of the same size on top of each other)

Do You Use Fresh Or Mock Cream In Your Products?

We use both types of cream depending on the product. Feel free to ask our friendly staff about which type of cream is used for each product.

What Type Of Coffee Do You Use?

We use Adore Coffee “Mastro-Salted Caramel-Toffee.” This distinctive blend is derived from our Master Roaster using 100% prized Arabica beans from Central & South America. It delivers a low acidity, round, and rich full-bodied flavour that you will love.

Do You Sell Decaffeinated Coffee?

Yes. Our decaf coffee is Mountain Blend from Adore State Coffee.

Do You Offer Variety On Milks For The Coffee?

We certainly do: Full Cream, Skinny, BonSoy, Almond (Milk Lab), Full Cream Zymil as Lactose Free

What Kind Of Tea Do You Have Available?

We offer a nice range of Silver Tip tea flavours, including: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile, Chai Tea, Green Jasmine Tea and Wild Berry.

Having Trouble With Payment?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team in regards to payment questions or issues. We can be contacted at info@polespatisserie.com.au

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We required 50% of the total price when placing your order. The balance can be paid either on date of pick up, or you could come when desire and pay off your cake as you go until the pick up date.

We also offer AfterPay online and in Store